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Current Programs

  • Impressionism Painting Workshop
    SATURDAY | 1:00 PM NaAC artists are invited to explore a style of painting called impressionism that uses dabs of colour to represent what you see.
  • Hooray, Hip Hop 3 – Spring Session
    TUESDAYS | 1:00 PM Join our Hip Hop 3 class to learn about this history and learn some of the foundational movements of this style.
  • The Roots of Jazz – Spring Session
    THURSDAYS | 1:00 PM Come learn about The Roots of Jazz and how it is the original influence of some of our favourite dance styles today!
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  • Picture of empty stage with a film camera in the left hand corner. There are stage lights shining on the stage on the left hand side is a deep blue light and on the right side is a purple colour.
    Moving Pictures
    Dance film Moving Pictures takes the story of artists living with disabilities from backstage to the big screen.
  • Black background with the title of the piece written in white coloured font reading "The Art of Honesty" . The word art is coloured red.
    The art of honesty
    Q.A.A.C. Co-Conspirator David Wudel wrote this lovely piece out of the conversations from Q.A.A.C.
  • New Ideas in Music-Making
    This new workshop series at the National accessArts Centre is breaking down barriers in music-making.
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About NaAC.

Founded in 1975 as the In-Definite Arts Society, the National accessArts Centre (NaAC) is Canada’s oldest and largest disability arts organization – and in 2020, became the country’s first multidisciplinary disability arts organization. Today, the NaAC supports more than 300 artists living with developmental and/or physical disabilities through on-site studio supports and workshops, and an even broader community of Canadian artists with disabilities through immersive programs delivered online.

How you can help.

The NaAC is only able to deliver our breadth of programs and support for our growing community of artists with the generosity of donors and volunteers. Learn how you can become part of our community, and make a real difference in the lives of Canadian artists living with disabilities. 

You can do a one-time donation, give monthly and become an Artist Fund Patron, sponsor an event or initiative, or become a volunteer.

I’m an artist.

Most of our participants are clients of the PDD program with the Government of Alberta, though there are opportunities for the broader disability community to be involved with us. Our programs cover a wide range of artistic disciplines including: visual arts, literary arts, dance, theatre, and music.