Why we need your support.

You’ve landed on this page because you’re wondering how you might be able to support the important work we do at the National accessArts Centre (NaAC). We are proud to be Canada’s oldest and largest disability arts organization — and now, with our new national mandate, we are also the country’s first multidisciplinary disability arts organization.

In 2020-21, public sector investments totaled under 40% of our revenues, with the rest coming from philanthropic grants as well as the generosity of individual and corporate donors. As we aim to support our growing community of more than 300 artists living with physical and developmental disabilities, this support is critical.

There’s a lot to unpack when we call ourselves a disability arts organization, but fundamentally, our vision is to provide our community with a platform to advance themselves creatively and stand strong on their merits and their efforts as artists – and this doesn’t just happen.

Your support allows us to develop meaningful and responsive programs to advance artistic training, creation, exhibition, and presentation opportunities for our artists — while also giving us the much-needed capacity to advocate for more meaningful, inclusive practices in our arts and culture sector that can shine a deserving light on the creativity of artists living with disabilities.

All of this work needs to be done to create a more just, equitable world for artists with disabilities — and we need your support. If you believe like we do that our artists need to be supported, celebrated, included, and showcased locally and around the world, then let’s talk.


Helping the National accessArts Centre


Volunteers play a critical role in the day-to-day operations at the National accessArts Centre. Volunteers can assist in the studio, sit on our Board of Directors, participate in juries for our various competitions, and lend a needed hand at our social functions, casinos and other fundraising events.

If you’re interested in becoming a studio volunteer, assisting our artists and helping with prep work, teaching support, special projects, and other activities in our visual arts studio, please contact:

Karly Mortimer Director, Artist and Program Development
403.253.3174 ext. 2 | karly.mortimer@accessarts.ca

If you’d like to assist in our performing arts initiatives, please contact:

Ashley Brodeur Manager, Performing Arts
403.253.3174 ext. 8 | ashley.brodeur@accessarts.ca

If you’d like to volunteer for our special events including casinos, please contact:

Heather Jones Manager, Operations
403.253.3174 ext. 3 | heather.jones@accessarts.ca