The art of honesty

Written by David Wudel, Q.A.A.C. Co-Conspirator

Like a lot of you, I have been struggling with this two-year holding pattern that we have all experienced. I started to share my work in order to manage my anxiety.

My intention was never to start a business, or let alone call myself an artist – this just seemed like the natural next step. My first paintings were simply about experimenting with technique and vibrant colours, then I focused my attention to the emotional connection I felt with each painting.

For so long it was difficult for me to articulate emotions authentically. Painting was strictly therapeutic.

I soon realized the power that art holds – the way it can just grab your attention with contrasting pigments. With every well-timed, carefully executed abstract stroke, your soul begins to reveal itself.

The words you could never say out loud somehow are embedded in the canvas. Years of untold stories finally being told for the first time.

I’ve always had the desire to be an artist but never the courage until I embraced my identity as a queer disabled artist.

Having Cerebral Palsy and being a full-time wheelchair user is a label within itself, and for many years I didn’t want to be known as the disabled gay guy.

Not that I’m ashamed of my CP, but there’s still a stigma around disability and being part of one minority was hard enough. I notice now that I am more at peace. Before I didn’t think I had a voice, but I realize now that my voice is pretty loud and pretty powerful.

Everybody has a story to tell, and I feel extremely blessed. “Life is a crazy journey- the best thing to do is enjoy the ride, and keep on rolling”.


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