About the National accessArts Centre.

Founded in 1975 as the In-Definite Arts Society, the National accessArts Centre (NaAC) is Canada’s oldest and largest disability arts organization – and in 2020, became the country’s first multidisciplinary disability arts organization. Today, the NaAC supports more than 300 artists living with developmental and/or physical disabilities through on-site studio supports and workshops, and an even broader community of Canadian artists with disabilities through immersive programs delivered online.

International initiatives.

In 2018, the Centre became one of the first Canadian disability arts organizations to tour internationally and launch a global artist residency initiative. Since then, our artists and/or their works have travelled to destinations including Hong Kong, Seoul, Dubai, Guadalajara, New York, and Tokyo. In 2020, the NaAC became the first disability arts organization to partner with Canada’s foreign affairs ministry that led to the acquisition of thirteen NaAC artist works to be a part of the Government of Canada’s permanent collection.

In 2021, the NaAC opened its exhibition – Conference of the Birds – as part of COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

Vision: Communities across Canada recognize, celebrate, and proactively include the talents and skills of artists with disabilities.

Mission: Providing artistic training, creation, exhibition, and presenting opportunities for artists with disabilities, and sharing the power of their creativity through local and global partnerships and advocacy that opens doors for their inclusion in our arts and culture ecosystem.

In the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge that the National accessArts Centre is situated on the traditional territories of the Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksika, Kainai, Piikani), the Tsuut’ina, the Îyâxe Nakoda Nations, and the Métis Nation (Region 3).

Our current studio facility is located at 8038 Fairmount Drive SE in Calgary. Work is now underway for our move to our new home, located at 2140 Brownsea Drive NW, with development plans that envision a world-class, completely accessible, arts training and presentation venue.

Our artists.

The NaAC represents a growing community of artists living with physical and/or developmental disabilities through our artistic training, creation, and exhibition/presentation platforms. With our multidisciplinary mandate, many of our artists train and present works across the visual and performing arts disciplines.

NaAC artjourney artists.

Learn more about NaAC’s community of artists by visiting artjourney, a NaAC initiative that aims to connect and showcase a global community of talented artists living with disabilities. Coming soon.

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About Our Artists

Our Team

Jung-Suk (JS) Ryu

President + CEO

(403) 253.3174 x1

Cassandra Ng

Coordinator, Stakeholder Relations

(403) 253.3174 x4

Dani Spady

Director, Development

(403) 253.3174

Julie Suh

Coordinator, NaAC Toronto

(403) 253.3174

Karly Mortimer

Director, Artist + Program Development

(403) 253.3174 x2

Clayton Smith

Lead, Programs and Exhibitions

(403) 253.3174 x 106

Raewyn Reid

Manager, Studio

(403) 253.3174 x 107

Ashley Brodeur

Manager, Performing Arts

(403) 253.3174

Katie Wackett

Coordinator, Artistic Projects

(403) 253.3174

Carlos Arteaga

Studio Facilitator

(403) 253.3174

Jarret Hlady

Studio Facilitator

(403) 253.3174

Richelle Bear Hat

Coordinator, Indigenous Programs

(403) 253.3174 x110

Jennifer McInnis Wharton

Studio Facilitator

(403) 253.3174

Chawna Exner

Performing Arts Assistant

(403) 253.3174

Wednesday Lupypciw

Studio Facilitator

(403) 253.3174

Kay Thomas

Studio Facilitator, Indigenous Programs

(403) 253.3174

DeVery Bess (they/them)

Creative Lead, Live Arts

(403) 253.3174

Alicia Morrison

Movement Collaborator

(403) 253.3174

James Silcock

Movement Collaborator

(403) 253.3174

Heather Jones

Senior Manager, Operations

(403) 253.3174 x3

Faiza Benazir

Financial Officer

(403) 253.3174 x5

Kylie Poppe

Coordinator, Artist Services

(403) 253.3174 x0

Marcela Tomasi

Artist Services Assistant

(403) 253.3174 x0

Ron Hoffmann

Vice President of Business Development Fluid Energy Group Ltd.

Calgary, Alberta

Judith Galbraith

Retired (public servant)

Calgary, Alberta

Ken Regan

Retired (former CEO, CKUA Radio)

Edmonton, Alberta

Jeff de Boer

Past Chair
Professional Artist

Calgary, Alberta

Kate Price

Executive Director, ACT Alberta

Calgary, Alberta

Lisa Cooke

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, ATCO

Calgary, Alberta

Andre Giesbers

Manager, Marketing and Midstream Logistics Saguaro Resources

Calgary, Alberta

Donna Thomson

Author and Caregiver

Ottawa, Ontario

Colin Jackson

Co-Chair of Calgary on Purpose, Senior Scholar at the University of Calgary Graduate College

Calgary, Alberta

Jack Williams

Partner, Head of Operations at White Whale

Calgary, Alberta

Emma Graney

Energy reporter, The Globe and Mail

Calgary, Alberta

Our Supporters

The National accessArts Centre receives impactful investments from a variety of different sources, with core operational funding from the Government of Alberta through the Ministry of Community and Social Services, the Calgary Arts Development Authority, and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. In addition, the Centre receives support through its long-term lease arrangement with the City of Calgary.  Below is our list of supporters for the 2020-21 fiscal year:

Benefaction Foundation
Ron and Melissa Wigham

Hotchkiss Family Foundation
Michael and Renae Tims

ATB Financial
Cenovus Energy
Executive Millwork Inc.
Gerald and Barbara Chipeur
Paypal Giving Fund
The Winnipeg Foundation

Under $999
Adam Hoffman
Adeel Sadiq
Alondra Hunt
Andre Giesbers
Andrew Butt
Andrew Harding
Ann Lumsden
Anndee King
Annice Pendrel
Anonymous x 24
Antonina D’Abadie
Arley Cocks
Asma Essid
Barb English
Barbara Beck
Beverly Parker
Bow Valley Credit Union
Brad Malazdrewicz and Lauren Wigham
Brittany Orlita
Calgary Foundation
Carla Leoppky
Carmen Gittens
Carol Mortimer
Carson Harding
Cathy Peplinski
Chalmbers Heritage Conservation Ltd.
Christa Kahl
Christine Armstrong
Cindy and Larry Malazdrewicz
Cindy Baldassi
Craig Hansen
Dan Mcdermid
Debbie Lemke
Debbie Switzer-Cook
Dell and Lauren Pohlman
Denise Golemblaski
Donna Clement
Elizabeth Hall-Findlay
Emily Scherman
Erica Chan
Erin Peplinski
Extreme Quality Restoration Ltd.
Gail McPhail
Geraldine Munro
Heather Bowes
Ian Cooke
Indra and Abbi Singh
James Cameron
Jasvir Chatha Bains
Jed Shimizu
JoAnne Gilmore
Joanne Murray
John Stinson
Juanita Carberry
Judy Galbraith
Judy Gayton
Juice Imports
June Derhak
Jung-Suk and Nari Ryu
Kacy Salkeld
Kara Tersen
Karen Johnson Diamond
Karen Perasalo
Kate Price
Kelly Schmitt
Ken Hughes
Ken Regan
Kim Collins
Kirk Stensrud
Kristine Thompson
Kristine Thomson
Kyla Longstaff
Kyle Olsen
Laura-Jeanne Stollery
Leia Tait
Lene Clayton
Lindsay Siegtle
Lisa Cooke
Lori McLellan
Lynn Favorite
Lynne Stader
Marc Workman
Marshall Wigham
Martha Hall Findlay
Mary Jane Cryderman
Melissa Wigham
Melody Poon
Michael and Raechel Kim
Michael Evans
Michelle Ying
Mike and Kelly Mannix
Mingxia Li
Myrla Sadiq
Nancy Hunt
Nicole Kaczkowski
Nicole Robbins
Pansy Angevine
Pat Desaulniers
Paypal Giving Fund
Pete Lendl
Rhodri Meredith
Riaz Mamdani
Richard Cooke
Richard Einarson
Richard Link
Robert Roach
Sallie Szanik
Sam Komolafe
Sheldon Fuchs
Simon Mallet
Sonya Regehr
Steven Rocha
Susan Hupman
Teresa Dias
Todd Hirsch
Tyson Henderson
Valerie Edwards
Valerie Hazle
Walter Kozak
Wendy Hunt

Thank you to our Artist Patrons

Artist Patrons provide a monthly contribution as part of our special donor program, whereby each patron is paired with one of our in-studio visual arts participants.

Anndee King
Annice Pendrel
Barbara Beck
Carlos Foggin
Gail McPhail
James Cameron
Jennifer Green
Juanita Carberry
Jung-Suk and Nari Ryu
Kara Tersen
Kris and Greg Thompson
Kyle Olsen
Laura-Jeanne Stollery
Lori McLellan
Marc Workman
Marion Nichols
Maureen Riddle
Michael and Raechel Kim
Nicole Kaczkowski
Pansy Angevine
Pete Lendl
Rhodri Meredith
Sam Komolafe
Sharon Kaczkowski
Simon Mallett
Sonya Regehr
Terence Meredith