Since 2022, the NaAC’s rapidly expanding Film & Media department encourages artists to express themselves through moving image mediums – from Super 8mm analog film to digital video and everything in between. 

Community Classes

Film & Media Community Classes aim to introduce basic techniques and creative processes to get artists started in filmmaking, photography, animation and more.

Film programs include:
Animation and Movie Making
Film and Media

Professional Ensemble

The NaAC’s Professional-track Film Ensemble is a group of filmmakers who meet weekly to expand their practice and explore new ways of creating film & media. 

Our approach includes centering artists with disabilities as the main creative leads, customizing filmmaking to fit the needs of the individual, and advocating for inclusion at all levels of production, presentation, and critical dialogue. 

Presentations include…

  • Calgary Cinematheque, Unaided: A Film Series on Disability, March – April 2023 
  • Artifact Small Format Film Festival, April 2023 
  • Sled Island, June 2023 

Contact Us

Katie Wackett
Coordinator, Artistic Projects

Phone: (403) 253.3174

Current Programming

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