NaAC x Won Lee

In 2021, the NaAC announced a groundbreaking partnership with the family and estate of the late Canadian sculptor Won Lee. The partnership – intended to keep the legacy of Lee, his works, and his generous philanthropy alive – is centred on several key initiatives.


The donation of Won Lee’s remaining collection of works to the NaAC. Valued in the millions, the NaAC can now leverage this collection to not only showcase Lee’s practice and his legacy, but also sell these works to provide an additional revenue stream for our programs and services.

Grant Initiatives

The development of the Won Lee Prize and the NaAC x Won Lee Endowment Fund (Calgary Foundation), which commits to building the largest single cash scholarship to an emerging Canadian artist who identifies as having a disability.

Community Arts Hub

The development of the NaAC Won Lee Community Arts Hub in Toronto, which will convert Lee’s former studio and gallery space into a community arts space in Parkdale. This space has been donated in its entirety to the NaAC. Valued at $1.7M, this property marks the largest gift ever to be received by our organization.

The Won Lee Prize

Applications for the Won Lee Prize will open August 2024. Please check back for more information regarding the application process.

Works by Won Lee