Current Visual Arts Programs

  • Impressionism Painting Workshop
    SATURDAY | 1:00 PM NaAC artists are invited to explore a style of painting called impressionism that uses dabs of colour to represent what you see.

Special Projects

  • Paint Pots Trail, Kootenay National Park
    Indigenous Ways of Knowing
    We are excited to launch a new program focusing on local Indigenous histories, art practices and storytelling that is open to all National accessArts artists.
  • I Hear Birds: A NaAC Collaborative ‘Zine
    I Hear Birds is a collaborative zine made by artists at the National accessArts Centre during an online workshop series facilitated by Carlan Savage-Hughes in the spring of 2021.

Current Performing Arts Programs

  • Hooray, Hip Hop 3 – Spring Session
    TUESDAYS | 1:00 PM Join our Hip Hop 3 class to learn about this history and learn some of the foundational movements of this style.
  • The Roots of Jazz – Spring Session
    THURSDAYS | 1:00 PM Come learn about The Roots of Jazz and how it is the original influence of some of our favourite dance styles today!
  • QAACuterie
    Queer access Arts Cabaret invites you to an evening of unbridled creativity experienced through the art of Cabaret. Immerse yourself in this truly unique form of artistic expression, be treated to a showcase of live performances from various artists!
  • Storytelling Through Opera: Act One
    Peek behind the velvet curtain and learn to tell your great stories through Opera! Apply your art practice to the wonderful world of Opera.
  • Q.A.A.C – Page to Stage Lab
    The Q.A.A.C (Queer access Arts Cabaret) Page to Stage Lab invites artists to explore cabaret and the various art forms and experiences that make up this live performance style
  • An image focusing on a microphone with a blurred dark background,.
    Q.A.A.C. Field Trip – Comedy Show
    A Punch Up Comedy Event
  • Hooray, Hip Hop 2 – Winter Session
    TUESDAYS | 1:00 PM Hip Hop is one of the most popular styles of dance today. Join our Hip Hop 2 class to learn about this history and learn some of the foundational movements of this style.