Carla Salter

Carla Salter: Artist Statement

To me, art is a great escape from daily things. It makes me feel like I’ve had an emotional release. A lot of emotions went into making this work,  and it feels good! To me, this piece is my pathway of colourful hope,  but honestly, I just want to know what other people see in it.

I’ve mostly focused on using colouring books and markers, but NaAC introduces so many new ways of working! I’m so excited to try any of the new techniques the NaAC staff throw at me. It keeps me motivated to make more.

When we talked about how different combinations of shapes and colours can make you feel different things, it was like a whole other art dimension for me. I didn’t really think about art that way.

“The tape painting came from my online lesson. It’s kind of my thing now!”

Artwork Location

ATB Entrepreneur Centre
1110 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2T 0B4


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