Wild Thing in the City at ImprovFest

Curated by Michelle Bennie

The National accessArts Centre is proud to have presented Michelle Bennie at ImprovFest 2021 this past summer. ImprovFest 2021 is a 24-hour online celebration of improvised arts.

The festival featured a lineup of 150+ amazing artists of all artistic disciplines from all around the world, performing original works created during the pandemic.

In this video NaAC artist, Michelle Bennie shares her approach to storytelling through exhibition-making while she curates “The Wild Thing in the City.”  Through real-time creative decision-making, she retitles and connects to artworks by artists from the NaAC with Director of Artist and Program Development Karly Mortimer.

This exhibition features works by Susan Brosz, Anna Kozak, Brad McCaull, Lynn Cameron, Carol Harris and Amanda Varty.

About Michelle Bennie

I was born in Calgary and I was in special classes in regular schools. I loved the drama we did there. I have work experience at the S.P.C.A, Chapters Books, Boston Pizza, Wendy’s and Harvey’s restaurants. I also keep a clean house.

I have attended the National access Arts Centre and Prospect day programs for many years. There I learn about art from lots of different people.

I ride a taxi to work and to do my sports. We go on family vacations in the summer. My brother and sister live in their own places but come over for dinner sometimes. I see my Grandma and other relatives too. At home besides art, I like movies, my game boy and my music (Michael Jackson and Brittany Spears).

I have been in Special Olympics since I was 16 and have done many sports including equestrian, soccer, basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, skating, bowling and softball.

I have always liked to draw since I could hold a pencil. When I draw my artwork, it is about my life and it feels relaxing. I have tried watercolour, acrylic and oil paint, but my favourite is coloured markers because they feel special.


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