NaAC and ATB present: WINDOW

With the generous support of Calgary Arts Development and ATB, we’re starting to roll out a large-scale public art exhibition featuring ten brand new artworks created by National accessArts Centre artists!

The NaAC WINDOW project is our solution to exhibiting in adverse circumstances. WINDOW presents a curated series of large-scale vinyl prints for display in high-traffic public window spaces. With exhibition spaces remaining closed for the foreseeable future, WINDOW creates opportunities to bring our artists’ work to accessible and barrier-free spaces, increasing the visibility of NaAC artists’ work and generating meaningful engagement.

Once created, the artists’ artwork will be digitized, sized to specific windows, and transferred to vinyl decals. A second vinyl didactic will accompany each piece to help contextualize the exhibition, share the artist’s statement, and display a QR code that links to a professionally produced artist interview, providing our artists with yet another platform for their voices to be heard. Each interview will share the artists’ own words, sentiments, and the nuanced qualities that make them valued individuals.

To the 22% of Albertans living with neurodevelopmental disabilities, our hope is that broadening our reach through artist-first narratives, artworks, and presentations will further a sense of familiarity and belonging. Our emphasis is that public presentations of lived experience matters.

Click on the names below to hear the thoughts, inspirations, and excitement directly from our artists!


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